Svenja Josefa Nietfeld 

'By sharing something, I realized that I'm not alone, that there are a lot of people that share with me the same preoccupations, the same ideas, the same ideals, and the same quest for a meaning for this life.'

Paolo Coelho

During my time at University I noticed that I couldn’t develop as much interest in studying as my fellow students did.

I admired how invested and dedicated they were. 

We studied something called 'international business & tourism management'.

At least I tried to study this.

But to be honest, I probably just needed an excuse to travel more.


Which is why I dropped the bachelor thesis and decided to pursue something more creative.


In 2010 I moved to Berlin to start a fashion label named PROPELLER. My partner and I built up a brand that we were proud of. One that transferred a message inspired by people we met on our travels to Sri Lanka, Istanbul or Israel.  


Life had me driving on a bumpy road but in fast speed and only a couple years later I found myself building up a digital fashion start up in Sydney, Australia.
With a little more wisdom today I can admit that I wanted too much too fast. 
I rushed through my young adult life like there was a price to win at the end of it.

Overall, I lived on the Australian continent for almost five years. 

During this time I learned a lot about business, myself, the values I can add and the purpose that I was constantly looking for.


I discovered my passion for portrait videography and photography while organising the fashion campaigns and content for our business. 

I ended up photographing myself.

I was amazed by the excitement I gained for this so easily.

​I truly enjoy telling someones story in an aesthetic and profound way.

Being able to feel and admire the people in front of my lense fulfills me.

A few years ago I moved back to Europe.

Today I combine the mediterranean life of Spanish island Mallorca with a base in Amsterdam - a perfect balance! 

In Amsterdam I found a true home while enjoying balearic island Mallorca as my second home and a great location to shoot portraits.

My sensitive character combined with diverse experiences in life are the most important tools I use to express emotions in my work.

X Svenja


Co-Founder of Propeller Fashion GmbH

Release Show, Berlin, 2011

Co-Founder of Propeller Fashion GmbH

Lookbook, Berlin, 2011


Co-Founder of ATELIER VII

Online Shop, Australia, 2013