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Svenja Josefa Nietfeld


Phone: +49 178 60 29 598

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I am Svenja Josefa.

My CV tells you that I was raised in North Germany and that I co-founded and accompanied various startups in Germany, Australia, Norway and Spain. But this could be a bit dry to start with.

That's why I want to give you a little insight about me and my personality.

After graduating from high school, I already knew that a conservative career path would not be suitable for me.

Nevertheless, to make the people around me happy, I tried and failed miserably. I questioned too much and got challenged by too little.

That's when I started my own fashion business in Berlin. I wanted to be successful, live my creative life but not lose the profoundness of it.

Shortly after that, I started to run a second fashion start up in Sydney, Australia together with a partner. 
Even though I was living the sunny life while running my own businesses, I felt that something was missing.

Overall, I lived and worked on the Australian continent for almost five years. 

During this time I learned a lot and I also discovered something very important:

My passion for portrait videography and photography.

I was amazed by the excitement I gained for this so easily.

Suddenly my passion became my work. 
Now I can tell someones story in an esthetic and profound way.

I am a portrait videographer producing emotional image film campaigns. 

Being able to feel and admire the people infront of my camera fulfills me.

A few years ago my heart was pulled back to Europe.

Today I combine the mediterranean life of Spanish island Mallorca with a base in Amsterdam - a perfect balance! In Amsterdam I found a home for my creativity and a true base while still enjoying sunny Mallorca as my second home and a great location to create wonderful film portraits.

In the end I must admit that my sensitive character combined with all my experiences in life are the most important tools I use to express emotions in my work.


References (Start-Ups):

Co-Founder of Propeller Fashion GmbH

Release Show, Berlin 

Co-Founder of Propeller Fashion GmbH

Lookbook, Berlin

Co-Founder of ATELIER VII

Online Shop, Australia